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Dr. Eduardo A. J. Ruiz, Ing.

Has a technical background in aeronautics from the Argentina’s Navy Forces and an engineering degree in Aeronautics from the Instituto Universitario Aeronautico, Argentina. He received in 2004 a Master and PhD degrees with honors from Polytechnique Montreal and a post-doctorate at McGill University. He began to work in composite materials in 1995 and since then focused on material characterization and processing of advanced aerospace composites. He was involved in the Canadian Network of Excellence Research Centers Auto21 from 2001 to 2009, where he worked in close collaboration with Aston Martin and Sotira on several parts of the DB9 Vanquish car. He developed numerical solutions integrated into PAMRTM commercial software such as resin infusion and C-RTM simulation and numerical optimization tools. In 2013 he was awarded with a National Research Chair by the Canadian National Research Council. Dr Ruiz was one of the youngest scientist to receive such honor thanks to his portfolio of scientific innovations and technology industrialization. Since 2005 he is professor at Polytechnique Montreal, where his research focus on ceramic matrix composites. He co-authored more than 130 scientific publications and participated in several international patents. He is also founder of Ruiz Aerospace (2005) where he helps global industries to improve manufacturing and reduce costs of advanced composite applications. He is a passionate leader and applies innovation and creativity to every challenge. 
Eduardo A. J. Ruiz, PhD, Eng.
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